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By media  Posted February the 4th 2020

A plot and plan option gives landowners a convenient, efficient solution to build their home. At Blythedale, this option will be implemented by eLan Property Group and Jimmy Velissariou Architectural Designs. Individual buyers can purchase any plot, with the option of a selection of eight pre-designed homes, and offered a convenient, turnkey solution. This is especially true for overseas or out-of-town buyers. These homes will all be pre-approved, and purchased as is or adapted according to the dimensions of your piece of land, with certain alterations permitted.

There are several advantages to the plot and plan option.

1: Architecture Cost Reduced

The first of these advantages is related to cost. Custom designs take up much of an architect’s time, therefore increasing the price of their service for the buyer. Predesigned plot and plan reduces the time an architect requires to spend on the design of your home, which means you save money.

2: Supplier Cost Reduced

Another cost advantage can be found through economies of scale and the sourcing of materials. A single builder is buying in bulk from suppliers for the different plot and plan options across Blythedale Coastal Estate. As more people invest in plot and plan options, larger amounts of building supplies are being bought to facilitate this need, meaning discounts are obtained through bulk purchases. Therefore, the cost of the building materials is reduced due to economies of scale.

3: Professional Fees Reduced

The third cost advantage is the saving accrued from the reduced cost of professional fees, such as quantity surveying and project management, which is incorporated in the discounts fee applicable.

4: Design Simplification and Time Saved

The fourth advantage is simplification of the building process and the time saved due to this. Architecture, as with most forms of art, takes time, and predesigned plot and plan houses eliminate much of the project’s lead time, and the various inevitable back and forth that comes with tweaking designs.

5: Immediate Approval

Another advantage is the pre-approval of plans by the Design Review Committee at Blythedale Coastal Estate. All eight plot and plan designs have been created to correspond with the Estate’s Design Guidelines, and are therefore immediately cleared for approval, eliminating the possibility of back and forth, with more time saved. You, the buyer, can also more easily see the product and envision the completed home – with 3D designs accessible prior to building, and renderings of the designs on your selected site.

6: Reliable Builders

The final advantage of the plot and plan option at Blythedale Coastal Estate is the usage of pre-approved builders with a proven track record. Skilled, reliable builders have been carefully selected to implement the construction of the predesigned homes at Blythedale, eliminating the need to find builders to carry out the vision, and the headaches that sometimes accompany builders who haven’t been carefully vetted.