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Origin and Purpose

Shift Africa is formalising the informal sector

Shift Africa is an eLan Property Group business initiative, that combines Corporate Social Responsibility with general business sense. Shift Africa empowers existing and prospective business owners, with the objective of creating as many sustainable small businesses as possible around a catalytic hub. Through various business hubs, starting at Blythedale on the North Coast, this initiative will provide small businesses with opportunities, training, and connections, in their bid to become autonomous and self-sustainable.

Eight Pillars of Development

Through the identification of key business hubs that have significant business potential, Shift Africa sets about establishing business pillars and business pillar partners. A business pillar partner (BPP) is the business that represents each primary pillar. Each BPP is trained, developed and empowered to build a business within a business and locked into a high-performance accountability system.

Key to a BPP’s long term sustainable success, is the requirement to source their own downstream business partners (Tier 2 or secondary businesses) that not only participate in the business but have vertical ownership. This structure is repeated to Tier 4 (lower level business).

Infrastructure and Construction

Creates opportunities for construction and infrastructure businesses to get involved in new ventures.

Education and Training

Do you have an educational training company? We have an opportunity for you.

Tourism and Travel

Providing opportunities for tourism and travel industry businesses, to be part of our plan.


Does your company manufacture products of any kind? Give us a call.

Services and Retail

Looking to partner with services and retail companies, to create a sustainable tomorrow.

Health and Wellness

Being an eco-friendly company, Shift Africa is focused on Health and Wellness initiatives.

Land, Agriculture and Environment

Our projects require land and agricultural and environmental products and services.

Safety and Security

We need safety and security in our ever-growing projects and developments.

SMME Development

Register as a Service Provider

If you or your company are interested in developing or training SMME’s under the Shift Africa Model, then register as a supplier top Blythedale Coastal Estate on this link.

Learnership Opportunity

As a community member of the area around Blythedale Coastal Estate please register as a potential participant highlighting the pillar that you would want to play a role in.

SMME Registration

If the Shift Africa model or Blythedale Coastal Estate are of interest to you and you would like to receive regular information? Please register on
this link.

Your future is in your hands

Find out more about Job offerings at Shift-Africa and once you’ve decided that you’d like to join the Shift-Africa team, you can start your step-by-step application process now.

More than just empowerment

Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is an integration programme, created by the South African government , to help previously disadvantaged South African citizens. View Shift-Africa’s BEE implementation.

Our Projects

Blythedale Coast Estate

This is the first pilot project we started, Shift-Africa was born and developed as we saw the need to develop and uplift the community in terms of skills and entrepreneurship.

Latest News and Developments 

North Coast development boom

North Coast development boom

By media  Posted February the 4th 2021 The North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, continues to be a property hotspot. Both government and private enterprises are responding to high demand by flexing their financial muscle and collective...

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Blythedale Coastal Estate update

Blythedale Coastal Estate update

By media  Posted February the 4th 2021 This feature is designed to give interested parties a clearer idea of development occurring at Blythedale Coastal Estate and events taking place at the Blythedale Event Bowl. The Blythedale Coastal Adventure...

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Smart, green city within reach

Smart, green city within reach

By media Posted February the 4th 2021 “Has the time not arrived for us to be bold and reach beyond ourselves and do what may seem impossible? Has the time not arrived to build a new smart city founded on the technologies of the 4th industrial revolution?” These words...

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Our Partners


Who is Shift-Africa ?

Shift-Africa is a South-African subsidiary of the eLan Property Group. The Company aims to uplift previously disadvantaged groups, in South Africa, in a sustainable way. Shift-Africa uses property developments, to train and educate local community members, which will intern boost the South African economy as a whole.

Not Sure How to get involved as a supplier?

If you have a business in any one of these industries:

  • Infrastructure and Construction
  • Education and Training
  • Tourism and Travel
  • Manufacturing
  • Services and Retail
  • Health and Wellness
  • Land, Agriculture and Environment
  • Safety and Security


Give us a call and one of our staff will gladly assist you with any quarries that you may have.

What type of skills and education can you learn
  • Business owners are equipped with not only the relevant statutory paperwork, business plan, bank accounts, marketing elements, budgets and forecast but is equipped with a computer (mobile device) and cell phone to allow access and contact. Training is one of the tools for success that Shift Africa provides to its network.
  • Shift Africa will help businesses leave a legacy of their own. Shift Africa is formalising the informal sector.
Who is eLan Property Group?

eLan Property Group is a company that primarily focuses on the conceptualisation, creation, marketing, and selling of residential property developments and hospitality opportunities in Southern Africa. We also offer individual or integrated services to various partners in South Africa and abroad. The developments all align with the brand’s passion in bringing clients, smart green developments with a safe, natural lifestyle and vast investment potential.

Consistently raising the standards of property developments on the African continent and the Indian Ocean islands, what sets eLan apart is our approach of actively engaging with potential investors through our very own eLan Investor Club; offering these stakeholders the means to increase their own personal portfolios and create annuity income that provides long-term Return on Investment