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Helping local communities help themselves

Shift-Africa is creating sustainable opportunities for local communities. This empowers members of the community realise their dreams.

The creation of the Blythedale project, extends a helping hand to local communities.

Enterprise Development

 T he development of small, medium and micro enterprises (SMME’s) is a key element of LED and of pro-poor approaches to growth since the utilization of linkages depends on entrepreneurial activity. The uptake of opportunities by entrepreneurs is thus a crucial link between an economic stimulus or injection, and tangible socio-economic improvements for people – indeed, in SA, SMME’s have been described as “the true engine of LED” (Mathfield 2000: 28).

These opportunities would be accessible to small and informal operators, to women, and to people who were previously unemployed. The opportunities do not need much finance or experience and would be suited to small-scale production, that makes opportunities available to those who most need them.

Are you new SMME

Do you want to own and operate an SMME and believe that we could help any anyway.

Are you a existing SMME 

Do you currently own and operate an SMME and believe that we could help in any anyway

Learnership Opportunity

Learn skills in one or all of the four sectors, namely infrastructure, economic, environmental and social development.


A free business coach in the palm of your hand

Fundaba is available on the FNB App.

We’ve worked with hundreds of local business owners and mentors to bring you a holistic business education journey from incubating a business idea, to starting, running and ultimately growing your business.

Fundaba is made by South Africans for South African businesses.

It’s not about banking, it’s about business

Fundaba is FREE to access on the FNB App, so, you can learn any time and anywhere. Data costs apply to video and audio content.

The content is designed to give you the knowledge you really need so you can easily apply these lessons to your business.

All audio and video content is available in 5 local languages including isiZulu, isiXhosa, Sesotho, English and Afrikaans.

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