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Working towards improving the lives of local communities surrounding eLan Developments.


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Aims of the Foundation

  • It is a mechanism to raise funding in order to improve the communities surrounding eLan Development.
  • It is a body which steers and manages the social initiatives within the eLan Group.
  • It is an NPO and section 21 Registered Company.
  • To create opportunities for previously disadvantaged communities through the intellectual capital of the éLan group together with its partner network and funding from corporates.
  • To research needs and identify opportunities

To research needs and identify opportunities.

    • To raise funds and implement projects at grassroots level.
    • To uplift and improve communities surrounding eLan Developments.
    • To integrate (cross-pollinate) projects as far as possible so that every effort has maximum gain.
    • To meet with Government approval in terms of projects that share a similar vision.
    • To have strategic alliances with existing service organisation.
    • To create opportunities for previously disadvantaged communities through the intellectual capital of the eLan group and funding from corporates.

Eight Pillars of Development

Through the identification of key business hubs that have significant business potential, Shift Africa sets about establishing business pillars and business pillar partners. A business pillar partner (BPP) is the business that represents each primary pillar. Each BPP is trained, developed and empowered to build a business within a business and locked into a high-performance accountability system.

Key to a BPP’s long term sustainable success, is the requirement to source their own downstream business partners (Tier 2 or secondary businesses) that not only participate in the business but have vertical ownership. This structure is repeated to Tier 4 (lower level business).

Infrastructure and Construction

Creates opportunities for construction and infrastructure businesses to get involved in new ventures.

Education and Training

Do you have an educational training company? We have an opportunity for you.

Tourism and Travel

Providing opportunities for tourism and travel industry businesses, to be part of our plan.


Does your company manufacture products of any kind? Give us a call…

Services and Retail

Looking to partner with services and retail companies, to create a sustainable tomorrow.

Health and Wellness

Being an eco-friendly company, Shift Africa is focused on Health and Wellness initiatives.

Land, Agriculture and Environment

Our projects require land and agricultural and environmental products and services.

Safety and Security

We need safety and security in our ever-growing projects and developments.

Why we are different

Are you a student, or are you simply looking for a job? Do you enjoy working in young dynamic teams filled with energy and drive? Then Shift-Africa is the company for you. 

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