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With all our major developments, eLan Property Group aims to uplift the surrounding communities, offering localised jobs and business opportunities to the people who need them the most.

2. Zero Hunger 

At Blythedale Coastal Estate, eLan has solid plans to implement a sustainable agricultural practice, funding and empowering locals to create food, and supply themselves, the Estate, and the Resort, for years to come.

3. Good Health and Well-Being

In terms of total wellness, as evidenced in part by Simbithi Eco Estate, Blythedale will place a huge emphasis on physical In terms of total wellness, as evidenced in part by Simbithi Eco Estate, Blythedale will place a huge emphasis on physical with nature. There will also be a wellness clinic at Blythedale

Shift-Africa in a Nutshell


hift-Africa represents a fundamental change in which upliftment is viewed in South-Africa. This is a potential solution to “upliftment through ownership”, where small businesses are given the chance to grow and thrive in a system centered on various business hubs. One business hub, for example a residential estate, can be the catalyst for the emergence and sustenance of SMME’s and informal sector businesses in the business hub’s region of operation. We have identified 8 pillars which emerge from each business hub, and from those pillars emerge a range of business activities, each of which can become its own business. Shift-Africa assists in the setting up, then provides the training and support which drives these businesses to success, in return for a share of the profit.

Shift-Africa is not an NGO – the concept is geared towards business and profit, for all parties. Each and every category on the lowest level will be occupied by as many businesses as can be sustainable, preventing over-saturation. Every party is motivated by profit, and the model will be very sustainable. The model is based on 84, which equals 4096, where ownership in each of these businesses is vested in a local community member, thereby uplifting and empowering the community in and around the business hub. 4096 is an estimate of the businesses that can be created or upgraded via the Shift-Africa model, per business hub. Shift-Africa is formalising the informal sector.

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If you or your company are interested in developing or training SMME’s under the Shift Africa Model, then register as a supplier top Blythedale Coastal Estate on this link.

Register as an Interested Participant

As a community member of the area around Blythedale Coastal Estate please register as a potential participant highlighting the pillar that you would want to play a role in.

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Empowering Communities
by Creating Businesses

Eight Pillars of Development

Through the identification of key business hubs that have significant business potential, Shift Africa sets about establishing business pillars and business pillar partners. A business pillar partner (BPP) is the business that represents each primary pillar. Each BPP is trained, developed and empowered to build a business within a business and locked into a high-performance accountability system.

Key to a BPP’s long term sustainable success, is the requirement to source their own downstream business partners (Tier 2 or secondary businesses) that not only participate in the business but have vertical ownership. This structure is repeated to Tier 4 (lower level business).


Infrastructure and Construction

Education and Training

Tourism and Travel


Services and Retail

Health and Wellness

Land, Agriculture and Environment

Safety and Security

Shift Africa Portfolio